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Customised boxes matching your dog's
needs, delivered every month.

Everything your dog needs to live their best life! Starting from just $50/box

Why Uglybox?

  • Curated Boxes​

    Your subscription, for your dog. Every dog is different so your Uglybox is tailored for your dog's size and allergy preferences. Each monthly box is different and we never send duplicate toys.

  • Enrichment Toys

    Premium quality toys that are bound to keep your pup sharp and engaged when you leave the house, or whenever your pup needs something to snap out of boredom​

  • Chewy & Meaty Treats

    100% sourced from Australia or New Zealand. No nasties or preservatives! Simply dehydrated to lock in all that goodness for your special pup

  • Themed Boxes

    For those special months you need some goodies to get your pup in all the fun such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas & more.

  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping to your door, anywhere in Australia. So no more trips to the supermarket to buy dodgy dog treats! Let the good stuff come to you

  • Customise as You Need

    As your dog grows you can size your box up and change their dietary preferences. Or want to have a super custom box for dogs who need tough toys only, only plush or no treats? You got it!​

  • Lifestyle Friendly

    Manage when you want your boxes with our scheduling system. Get boxes monthly, every second or third month. Suit your budget and lifestyle.​

  • Set and Forget

    With every delivery of your Uglybox subscription, you will effortlessly receive a new mix of toys and treats just for your pup. Unboxing their Uglybox will be your pup's favourite day and have the whole family smiling.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Each box is 100% recyclable & biodegradable. Treat packaging is home compostable. For your modern day eco-friendly pup who cares.

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Uglybox Fans

Christina and Luna
Christina and Luna
Read More
We love the box! Luna knows what the box is when the postman delivers it, she will even attempt to open it herself. Never have to step into a pet store again with toys and treats delivered to the door!
Arushi and Zorro
Arushi and Zorro
Read More
Subscribing to Uglybox was the best decision I have ever made
Gina and Harley
Gina and Harley
Read More
If a super fussy dog like loves UglyBox you know you have hit gold. The treats and toys are the highest quality. Best Aussie subscription box ever!
Ingrid and dogs Ariel, Albert and Percy
Ingrid and dogs Ariel, Albert and Percy
Read More
We love when ugly box arrives! The dogs get so excited to see the postman, they know the package is for them! They love all the treats and toys that arrive, they’re really good quality and the whole box works out to be great value.
Krystle and Lola
Krystle and Lola
Read More
Such a fabulous idea! We customised ours via our account for our sprightly senior staffy with not many teeth so she doesn’t get anything hard or strong smelling. She loves the treats and toys! Love the UglyBox subscription! And the team is so incredible!
Rebecca and Duke
Rebecca and Duke
Read More
My dog Duke loves delivery day each month. He is always super excited to open it and get the treats and new toys. Great value.
Nikita and Biggie Smalls
Nikita and Biggie Smalls
Read More
My dog Biggie Smalls LOVES receiving new toys and delicious treats every month. I love it as it saves me time trying to decide what to buy Biggie to keep him entertained. Deliveries are exciting for both Biggie and I, we cant wait to see what’s inside! Highly recommend Uglybox, so glad I found this website.
Courtney and Gertie
Courtney and Gertie
Read More
Original order was for my 12 week old pup but even my 7 & 8 year old dogs are getting enjoyment out of it!




Our Uglybox team

We are dog owners ourselves so we understand how difficult it is to find the right products for our doggos. We want the absolute best for Zeus (and your dogs too) so our focus is on quality, care, education and sustainability. 
Chelsea & Nav xxx

How Uglybox works


Tell us about your dog

Let’s get to know one another so every month the best box possible arrives.

Select your size

Find the perfect match to suit all dogs, including tiny guard dogs and giant lap dogs.


Starting from just $50 per box, flexible options to suit your needs.

Get ready for the doorbell

Your first box will ship the next day so let the fun begin!


Each ‘Uglybox’ contains at least:

2 Treats – One more meaty and the other to chew

2 Toys – These will be a mix of enrichment either as a plush, balls and/ or treat dispensers

What makes these items special?

Treats: All our treats are made in Australia or New Zealand with only the best quality meats. Nothing cheap and nasty!

Toys: Our toys are all high quality and we stand behind them. Some are more durable than others but we choose every item to match the overall style of the box. Variety allows you to try a whole range of items you may never have realised your dog loves.

Brands like Zippy Paws, Kong, JW, Lickimat, SodaPup have been featured in our past boxes. Ranges from plush toys, treat dispensers and balls.

A box can suit multiple dogs if they like to share. Some subscribers have 2-3 (or 6) dogs and use the one box. While some choose to have a box per dog. It depends on your lifestyle and how you want to enjoy your Uglybox. If you aren’t sure, we recommend starting with the one box and then seeing if you want to get an extra. If you would like to share the one box, you can get extra treats added to your subscription each month to ensure they all have enough.

Between $65-$80+ depending on the items that month and the size of the box. Always higher value than the cost of the box (plus free shipping).

All our boxes are perfect for puppies. Any dietary preferences for your pup can be customised and any changes you need can be made to ensure you pup loves their Uglybox.

Not sure what box to go with? We have split them up by size to help you out. This is how we will select appropriate items for each box. Never fear, you can always size up or down if you decide that you need a change.

– Uglybox – Tiny Puppers (under 4.5kg)

– Uglybox – Small Puppers (4.5kg-10kg)

– Uglybox – Big Puppers (10kg-25kg)

– Uglybox – Real Big Puppers (25kg+)

Picking a size that will suit your pup for the next 3 months, so you get the most out of your Uglybox items is what we recommend. The difference between the Tiny and Small Uglyboxes depends on the items that month. If you have a dog that will be over 4kg within the next 2-3 months, getting the Small may be the best option.
If you still aren’t sure, get in touch via live chat or email us at and we can help find the perfect size.

If your dog is between weights you can go with the size you think works best. Bigger boxes will just have larger toys and treats. If you get your first box and want to change to a bigger or smaller size box, just let us know and we can get that sorted for you.
If you still aren’t sure about what size to pick, you can contact us via live chat or email us at

The Uglybox comes in 4 sizes, Tiny (0-4.5kg), Small (4.5-10kg), Big (10-25kg) and Real Big (25kg+). Each month we make sure all the boxes have the same toys and treats, but the sizes differ. The Tiny and Small boxes are the smallest two and have smaller treats and toys. The Big and Real Big are the largest boxes and have the largest toys and treats.

All our Uglyboxes are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. From a spritely pup to a salt and peppered senior, you can customise to suit their preferences and get the best monthly box for their needs.

Yes you can. The schedule feature is available for all our subscribers, our 6 and 12 month terms are based on the total number of boxes. So using our scheduling tool allows you to get those boxes on the months you want them.

From August 2020 we now offer a One-Off box (at if you just want to try one commitment free, get a single box only or want to gift it to someone. 

Alternatively we do offer a month to month subscription where you can cancel anytime. 

Buy your first Uglybox and if you don’t love it we have your back! You can return all the items unused (only pay shipping) for a refund of your original Uglybox or keep the items and we will cancel your subscription. Available to first time subscribers within 30 days of receiving their first box.