How to get the most out of my dogs toys?

Why is it so important for my dog to have a variety of toys? Have you ever wondered when would enough dog toys finally be enough or if your dog really needs all these toys? Well short answers are never and yes, but that is not what this blog is about. Instead we are going to focus on how you can change up the ways you can use the dog toys you already have lying around. 

It’s 2020 so we have to up our enrichment game this decade. Here are 3 ways you can freshen up your pups playtime. Without buying anything new.

  • Foraging fun
  • New taste 
  • Rotate
Breathe a breath of fresh air into your playtime this year.

Foraging Fun:

Using what you have around the house play different foraging games that your dog will love. 

What household items to use:

  • Towels
  • Old boxes
  • Crumpled up paper

Your dog’s items to use:

  • Dry treats  
  • Treat dispenser toys (can be stuffed with food or some treats)
  • Balls
  • Plush toys
  • Rope toys

Now to put together the mishmash gift for your dog to rip open, unwrap and dig into. The more difficult you make it to open the more difficult your dog will find it. 

Try different ways to have them forage. Fold the toys and treats into a towel, put them in a box, cover the box with a towel, there are so many ways to play and increase or decrease the difficulty.

To get the most out of this game remember to start easy. The goal is for your dog to enjoy themselves and get a sense of accomplishment, but if it is too hard your dog is more likely to get stressed out and overwhelmed.

Remember play time is so much more than just messing about.

New Taste:

We get into patterns and usually just repeat the same thing until something shakes us out of it. Well here I am shaking you out of the same, boring old food routine you have with your dog. By changing up the food we use in our treat dispenser toys, we can easily change the perceived value of the toy and how much fun it is to engage with it. Bingo, what a simple way to revamp your tired old Kong dog toy or Lickimat. 

Every dog is different so find something that your dog loves and maybe hasn’t had in a while, or mix some of their favorites together for a fresh new flavour combo. 

Looking for inspiration, here are 5 healthy frozen treats you can make for your dog from the team at PawLife.

Do you have a favourite frozen treat you make for your dog? Let us know in the comments or social media

Tasty frozen Kong Quest treat toy stuffed by Gina at PawLife


Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Same for your dog’s toys. Rotating the toys they use at meal times and the toys they have free access to it really freshens things up. Make this a fun game where your dog helps decide which toys they want to have access to for the next week and then put the remaining toys away in a cupboard or storage area they can’t access. Keep the variety fresh by making sure they have enough of each type of toy (plush, ball, treat, rope) for the week, so they don’t go stir crazy. 

This small activity you can do with your dog weekly will change up how they see their toys. It also gives you time to make sure you check your dog’s toys regularly for wear, tear and deterioration as nothing lasts forever (except a dog’s love, obviously). 

Different signs your dogs toys are past their prime can include discolouration, they are smelly, texture has changed, crumbling, falling apart, or it could literally be half the toy it once was. 

Now you have these 3 new ways to breathe fresh life into your dog’s favourite toys, have fun with it.

Written by Chelsea Batra

Written by Chelsea Batra

Chelsea is obsessed with animals and the founder of Uglybox Shop (formerly For All Our Pets). After 4 years of allergy injections to improve her immunity for dogs and cats, she finally welcomed rescue Zeus into her life. Best thing she has ever done because it was the catalyst that founded Uglybox Shop to share better education and quality items with other obsessed dog lovers.