Keeping safe when travelling with your dog this holiday season

Have fun with your dog this Christmas. If it is spent at home or visiting friends and family, make this year one to remember for all the right reasons.

Every year since I try share the message so no other dog owners have to suffer the heartbreak. The holidays are a time to be filled with joy, yet many families face tragedy every year. 

Here is why it is so important to share pet safety awareness over the holidays.

Two days before Christmas in 2016 at 10pm, we almost lost our precious boy Zeus while visiting family. It was one of the hardest nights of our life, when he had gotten into the garden and eaten snail pellets we were unaware of. He is here with us today only because of quick identification and vet treatment within 30 minutes.
Even though he was at the vet within 30 minutes, there was no guarantee he would make it until after 8am the following morning. Those 10 hours were not filled with holiday cheer or joy but instead we were holding our breath wondering what would Christmas be this year without our special man. We were lucky that he made it through, but many others are not.

Let 2019 be a year where we lose 0 dogs to preventable deaths!

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Customer, Mr Blue and his family love Christmas.

Written by Chelsea Batra

Written by Chelsea Batra

Chelsea is obsessed with animals and the founder of Uglybox Shop (formerly For All Our Pets). After 4 years of allergy injections to improve her immunity for dogs and cats, she finally welcomed rescue Zeus into her life. Best thing she has ever done because it was the catalyst that founded Uglybox Shop to share better education and quality items with other obsessed dog lovers.