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JW Holee Gourmet Peanut Large


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Product information

JW Hol-ee Gourmet Peanut is a fun, versatile dog toy with the durability you’ve been searching for. Rubber outer ‘peanut’ shell gives it strength, bounce and a soft texture. With a nylon ‘peanut’ inside for added versatility. It is non toxic, durable, rubber and super-stretchy. A do-it-all multipurpose dog toy! This 2 in 1 treat dispenser is a fun way to spice things up at mealtimes. The inner peanut shape has space for stuffing with your pupper s favourite soft foods like peanut butter, minced meats or anything you can jam in there. Then fill the outer shell with larger treats or encase the whole thing with food.

Size (roughly):
Small – 13cm x 6cm
Large – 18cm x 8cm


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