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Northmate Green Mini for Dogs


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Interactive feeder for dogs (and cats)

GREEN mini by NORTHMATE is a specially designed feeder, shaped like a tuft of grass, that turns your dogs meal into a challenging game.

The desired amount of dog food is scattered across GREEN mini, and it is up to your dog to push the food out between the many blades of grass.

GREEN mini by NORTHMATE prolongs eating time significantly and reduces the risk of gulping and bloat. The result is a happier and healthier dog.

GREEN mini by NORTHMATE is designed for small dogs, puppies and flat-nosed breeds such as pugs and bulldogs. It can contain both dry and wet food.

GREEN mini by NORTHMATE is made of hard plastic (without phthalates) and can therefore be used outside and cleaned in the dishwasher.


GREEN Mini For small dogs and puppies

Small dog breeds and puppies have their small size in common and for that reason NORTHMATE now launches GREEN mini as a new, small version of the original GREEN.

GREEN miniis an interactive feeder just as the original GREEN and again the main focus is to reduce the risk of gulping and bloat.

Most dogs are able to eat far more and much faster than what is healthy. This behavior is driven by instincts and we control it by dosing each portion of food.

In order to get a healthy dog it is however equally important to control the speed of consumption. This is done by complicating the access to the food.

GREEN mini complicates the access to the food but it doesn’t hide it. When dogs searches and hunts for food in nature every obstacle becomes an active part of the game: The forest is doing the opposite of hiding the prey its actually guiding the dog along a track made of smells and sounds.

Frederik Lindskov, product developer


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